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Our purpose is to help our clients manage their individual, family and corporate wealth through financial investments that align with their overall objectives and values.


We strive to understand our clients’ different needs to become their lifelong partner and help them achieve their lifetime financial goals.


Strong ethical culture

Our members act with honesty and integrity, fulfilling our duties of loyalty and care.

Highest fiduciary standards

Our clients’ interests always come first.

Deep vocation for service

We place our love for numbers at the service of our clients.

Drive for excellence

We strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients given the ever changing market environment and evolving economy.



We balance core investments with allocations in megatrends that are shaping our changing world.

Our clients may have a Discretionary or Non-Discretionary Management Agreement with Seaview Investment Managers. We provide investment advice and implement our clients’ investment plans.

Clients electing Discretionary management define their investment objectives on their Investment Advisory Agreement (IAA), and we execute daily on their behalf without prior authorization. We implement the selected Investment Strategies according to the client’s agreed upon investment allocation established on the IAA.

Under Non-Discretionary management, clients must approve every transaction. They may choose to invest in our investment strategies, have their own strategy or a combination of both.


Seaview Investment Managers provides investment advice to clients, and does NOT hold any client assets, securities, or money.
Seaview Investment Managers provides advice to clients on investments held at any custodian through an Investment Advisory Agreement.

For clients opening new accounts, we favor two custodians, Charles Schwab and Pershing, and offer access to their products and services. Clients are permitted to have their assets with other qualified custodians.

Charles Schwab:
Rated “A” by S&P and “A2” by Moody’s, Charles Schwab is a large financial services firm and custodian that offers services to investors and independent advisors. 

A subsidiary of BNY Mellon, which is rated “A” by S&P and “A1” by Moody’s. Bank of New York Mellon is a global financial services company and one of the oldest banks in the United States. 

Portfolio Reporting


Seaview Investment Managers utilizes third party technology platforms to implement and oversee the investment strategies in our clients’ accounts.

Clients are provided with their own access to this platform for a user-friendly view of their portfolio holdings, investment returns, and overall performance.

Clients will receive two types of reports monthly or quarterly: Holdings and transaction reports issued by the custodian, and performance reports issued by our independent third-party provider.

For clients holding investment accounts at more than one custodian, we manage their accounts through our Advisory Solutions Platform. We provide them with both individual and consolidated account reporting, which allows a more precise assessment of investment allocation, risks, and returns.

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