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Our mission is to help institutions optimize the investment management process and create financial value for them, their Financial Advisors and their end clients.


We strive to stay ahead of financial industry trends in terms of efficiencies through innovative technologies and service delivery to clients within a highly competitive and rapidly evolving landscape.


Seaview Investment Managers is a GlobalTamp SM that primarily services institutions with clients all over the world, whose investment profiles require specific financial products and operational processes.


A TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Program) is an outsourced technology platform used by Financial Institutions to implement investment strategies and model portfolios, while managing all aspects of their clients' investment accounts with a high level of efficiency and risk control. Advisors have access to Client Suitability, Investment Management, Risk Analysis, Research, Trading, and Portfolio Reporting under a sub-advisory contract. Additionally, TAMPs offer end-clients a user-friendly online platform access to their investment accounts.




Our advisory services help institutional clients work under a business model that utilizes TAMP tools in order to achieve:

  • Asset allocation

  • Manager selection

  • Investment vehicle selection

  • Security selection

  • Risk analysis

  • Concentration analysis


For the Advisor

We help advisors on time consuming activities freeing up time to prospect new business and nurture existing relationships:

  • Platform administration

  • Client onboarding

  • Suitability check

  • Trading & order management

  • Concentration Review

  • Trading compliance & audits

  • Periodic rebalancing

  • Performance reporting

  • Auditing

  • Custody reconciliation

​For the end Client

  • Customized investment plans

  • Enhanced client experience through user friendly online platform

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