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Light House


In a sophisticated global investment environment, with endless investment options, we seek to SIMPLIFY our strategies so that we do not compromise our clients’ understanding of every aspect of their investments.


As we SIMPLIFY, we seek liquid investments in well established markets.


Preserving our clients’ capital under any market circumstances is our most important goal. Over the long term, we strive to achieve this through RISK CONTROL measures, including rules for DIVERSIFICATION in terms of issuer, industry, country, and types of securities. 


By following DISCIPLINED daily analyses and procedures, we seek to maximize our knowledge and interpretation of market conditions, establishing specific guidelines for conducting informed and objective investment decisions.
DISCIPLINE has helped us get through market downturns and preserve our clients’ portfolio values.


Our guiding principles of SIMPLICITY, DISCIPLINE, and RISK CONTROL allow us to focus on our long-term goal:  GROWTH. 

By keeping our strategies flexible and in constant search for opportunities, we aim to provide attractive rates of return for our clients’ portfolios that allow capital appreciation over time.

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